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With over 15 years combined experience of teaching, compositional work, and performance.  Peter begin playing the piano at the age of 5, started arranging his first original compositions by age 8 and soon learned the ins and outs of computer based music to further enhance his writing skills. Being a firm believer we are all born to create, he’s a strong proponent in giving students the tools necessary to create original pieces of art with the ability to perform for friends, play in a band or for personal enjoyment. You can hear a wide variety of music he has produced and orchestrated at www.BonixMusic.com. Peter resides in Parker, CO with his beautiful wife Lennie.

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Peter S. Gunder

Peter S. Gunder

Multimedia Composer

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Kingdom of Light Premium Edition

Kingdom of Light Premium Edition

Tyler Trevell

"The music provided in this package is of an entirely professional standard and would not sound out of place in any top-budget or AAA title. For this reason, the package's price is potentially one of the best I've seen anywhere. This is an absolute must-have for any developers looking to improve the quality of their work ten-fold through the use of this music."

Cinematic Fantasy Master Collection

Cinematic Fantasy Master Collection

Luis Morcillo

"This weekend I purchased Bonix Music's "Cinematic fantasy" pack for my game. The music is gorgeous, all my friends are amazed with how the game has improved with it. I strongly recommend people here to take a look at this site before any other. The quality is incredible, and the prices are more than affordable. I also encourage people at Bonix Music to keep up the good work. You're just awesome, guys!"

Kingdom of Light Premium Edition

Kingdom of Light Premium Edition

Jonas Nielsen

"I have now listen it through a few times. I have heard a lot of music through my life, in fact I can actually memorize soundtracks for movies and games with ease as it is the first I notice(do not know why...), your music is very professional done and is of very high quality. Now I do not say this out of nothing as I have spent many hours of listing to music that would fit my game under production(music is very important).

...one can say you won the competition among many other musicians by outperforming them in quality. :)"

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