ASD Sci-Fi

The Ultimate Soundscape Experience

ASD Sci-Fi v1 breaks the typical mold of your sci-fi collection of sounds. Not only does it come with exotic ambient sound cues, it also includes amazing vessel loops ranging from a gigantic human mothership, mid-size, to shuttle and alien versions of each. As you cross the galaxies, you’ll soon approach a massive supernova and other celestial bodies of sound. Complex layers have been carefully processed and mixed to give these atmospheric cues interest, yet subtle feel to enhance the mood of your game. Be fully immersed with these cinematic Sci-Fi cues!
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All tracks encoded at high quality mp3 @ 320 kbps.

  1. ASD_Sci-fi A Mothership Loop 2:09
  2. ASD Sci-fi Supernova Music Bonix Music 2:38
  3. ASD Sci-fi Supernova Loop Bonix Music 2:34
  4. ASD Sci-fi Pulsar Loop Bonix Music 2:00
  5. ASD Sci-fi Planet Z Bonix Music 2:00
  6. ASD Sci-fi Planet Y Bonix Music 2:37
  7. ASD Sci-fi Planet X Loop Bonix Music 1:06
  8. ASD Sci-fi Nebula Bonix Music 1:47
  9. ASD Sci-fi H shuttle Loop 0:49
  10. ASD Sci-fi H Ship 2:58
  11. ASD Sci-fi H Ship Warp 0:10
  12. ASD Sci-fi H Ship Loop 2:34
  13. ASD Sci-fi H Mothership Music 1:46
  14. ASD Sci-fi H Mothership Loop 1:34
  15. ASD Sci-fi Blackhole Loop Bonix Music 1:15
  16. ASD Sci-fi A Space Junk Bots 1:08
  17. ASD Sci-fi A shuttle Loop 1:00
  18. ASD Sci-fi A Ship 3:09
  19. ASD Sci-fi A Ship Warp 0:10
  20. ASD Sci-fi A Ship Loop 2:54