Cinematic Epic Battles

The Affordable Audio Solution

Cinematic Epic Battles┬áis a collection of 5 premier songs from The Epic Battle Construction Kit. It includes the long cue version as well as the short cue version of each song. Battle drums, ripping guitars, blasting horn sections and aggressive stings are just a taste of what you’ll hear. Great for epic battles or title themes!

Format: WAV 16-Bit / 44.1 kHz
Stereo/Mono: STEREO
Total Cues: 10
Looped Audio: NO

  1. Victory or Death Short WM Peter Gunder 2:24
  2. Victory or Death Long WM Peter Gunder 4:14
  3. The Last Battle Short WM Peter Gunder 2:21
  4. The Last Battle Long WM Peter Gunder 5:23
  5. Knights of the Underworld Sho Peter Gunder 2:08
  6. Knights of the Underworld Lon Peter Gunder 5:03
  7. Into the Abyss Short WM Peter Gunder 2:24
  8. Into the Abyss Long WM Peter Gunder 5:08
  9. Conquest of Kings Short WM Peter Gunder 2:20
  10. Conquest of Kings Long WM Peter Gunder 3:59