KAOS ELEMENTS Ambient Drones

The Affordable Audio Solution

KAOS ELEMENTS – Ambient Drones v1 is a new product line from Bonix Music at ultra-affordable prices so those even on the tightest budgets can afford high-quality royalty-free music libraries. KE – Ambient Drones delivers 5 rich atmospheric cues to enhance your sci-fi, rpg, and adventure environments. Lush pads and subtle hints of symphonic instrumentation lace this music library. Each cue comes in standard form(5) and looped(5).

FORMAT: WAV 16-Bit / 44.1 kHz
Stereo/Mono: STEREO
Total Length: 11:39
Total Cues: 5 + 5 Loops
Size: 224MB
Looped Audio: YES

  1. KE-Ambient Drones 05 The Explorer VO 2:43
  2. KE-Ambient Drones 04 Whirlpool of Despair VO 2:10
  3. KE-Ambient Drones 03 Icy Metallic Wasteland VO 1:53
  4. KE-Ambient Drones 02 Tread Lightly VO 2:07
  5. KE-Ambient Drones 01 Vast and Mysterious VO 2:44
  6. KE-Ambient Drones 05L VO 2:30
  7. KE-Ambient Drones 04L VO 1:54
  8. KE-Ambient Drones 03L VO 1:46
  9. KE-Ambient Drones 02L VO 1:50
  10. KE-Ambient Drones 01L VO 2:36