The Affordable Audio Solution

A diverse and incredible collection of exploration music at an ultra-affordable price! These cues are excellent for RPGs, sci-fi environments, themes, and travelling cues. Listen below to hear the power of KAOS ELEMENTS!Need even more cues? Check out the TITAN sci-fi music library for a huge music package at a great deal which includes ASD SCI-FI v2!

FORMAT: WAV 16-Bit / 44.1 kHz
Stereo/Mono: STEREO
Total Length: 14:19
Total Cues: 5
Size: 144MB
Looped Audio: NO

  1. KE-Ancient Kingdom Revealed VO 3:05
  2. KE-Final Destination VO 3:21
  3. KE-Great Discovery VO 2:10
  4. KE-Northern Lights VO 2:50
  5. KE-Passage of Time VO Peter Gunder 2:51