Kingom Of Light Premium Edition

The  High-Fantasy Orchestral Suite

Kingdom of Light – Premium Edition is an all-in-one audio solution for film and games that demands professional music production. KoL – Premium Edition includes all 131 cues from the KoL modules, Shadow Kingdom & Haunted Nature to delivery an enormous catalog of high-quality symphonic music ranging from Themes, Towns & Taverns, Combat, Dungeon & Caves, Mystical, land of giants and goblins to breathtaking Time of Day exploration music and Special cues to enhance your high-fantasy adventure games and films. This bundle pack is suitable for land masses ranging from 15 to over 50 sq miles or to increase your current in-game music by over 3 hrs! Take your project to the next level with this beautifully crafted and comprehensive musical suite.




TOTAL LENGTH: 200+ minutes


SIZE: 2.26GB


These are additional cues added after the initial release. Enjoy!


These thematic cues will bring your listener into your fantasy adventure game.

COMBAT - Battles

Epic battles are on the horizon with these high-energy cues. Imagine ogres, humans, elves, and all sorts of fantastical creatures fighting. This is where these cues will fit brilliantly!

COMBAT - Skirmishes

Not all battles we face are of an epic proportion. That is where the skirmishes cues come into play. Great for smaller scale battles or 1 vs 1.

Dungeons & Caves

Really set the tone with these atmospheric cues. Brooding and foreboding best describes this library

Time of Day

These cinematic cues were designed for those who wish to set just the right tone based on the time of day as you journey through your lands. Also included are transitional zone cues to complete this beautifully crafted library.

Towns & Taverns

These cues allows your denizens to enjoy taverns, small villages and large cities at just the right pace.

Shadow Kingdom

This music library allows you to journey to the Shadow Kingdom of goblins and giants. Enjoy but don’t stay too long!


Every fantasy land has a place of mystery and something very mystical about it. Place these cues in those zones that need to make the player aware of the environment they’re exploring.

Haunted Nature

These cues are from the Atmospheric Design Catalog as ‘extra’ cues for those needing darker atmospheric background audio.

Special Cues

The ‘Special’ cues are designed for the events in game that demands a short audio stinger.

  • Doom
  • Failure
  • Reveal Reward
  • Traditional