Kingdom of Light is a professional music library for media producers of film and games of RPG’s, MMO’s and high-fantasy adventure productions. Inspired by cinema, Kingdom of Light will enhance your game with a symphonic underscore and audio cues to match your rich environments. Ranging from epic battles, tavern bands, to scenic travel music, Kingdom of Light is a perfect all-in-one solution and an incredible addition to expand your existing professional music library.
Time of Day: Music crafted for dynamic time from the rising sun at dawn to the moon lit mountains at night.
Modular:  Buy an ‘edition’ for savings or purchase modules as your game expands into new territory!
Special Cues: Greatly enhance ‘special’ events in-game such as Doom, Reveal, Failure and Reward with multiple selections of each type to bring variety and interest.
Quality Audio: Crystal clear sound in WAV 44.1 KHz / 16-bit.


Basic Edition

At an ultra-affordable price, this edition is for those on a light budget but still demand pro-quality music. Includes a wide variety of environment settings to meet most needs.

Standard Edition

Double the total time of Basic Edition, a feature rich, variety bundle for a complete audio solution for mid to large scale land masses.

Premium Edition

The pinnacle of high-fantasy epic adventure music for an all-in-one audio production solution. With over 200 minutes & 131 cues of pro audio, it delivers on a massive epic scale!


Time Of Day

These symphonic cues are categorized to match Dawn, Day, Dusk, & Night scenes Produced for dynamic global lighting.

Dungeon & Caves

Shadowy mysterious places represents this dark audio module. Set the mood right with these foreboding cues.

Special Cues

Help your players know when special events have occurred or around the corner such as rewards, doom, death, and more!


These looped epic battle and skirmish cues makes this a must have for games with combat for both epic proportions and skirmishes.

Towns & Taverns

Converging 3 pro-modules in one, this bargain bundle pack includes Villages, Taverns, & Cities.


Be sure to visit your local tavern for some R&R, a tasty honey brew, and a lively dance or brag about your latest adventures.


Capture the essence of your capital city and other large towns with the music of this module. Includes music for both Kingdoms.


Created for those special villages with charm or to be used near starting zones. This music eludes to a safe haven to explore.


Songs to enhance your environments that are set in magical and mystical surroundings.


Made for intros and various thematic settings, these cues will bring memorial songs to your project.

Shadow Kingdom

Included only in the 'Premium Edition', explore the territories of giants, goblins, and more with this module!

Original Score & Orchestrated by

Peter Gunder