MECHBOT, delivers hybrid-orchestra music for everything from hard hitting mechs to FPS. Aggressive and edgy at its core, MECHBOT high energy cues have been produced to help producers fill-in almost all music requirements.  Get ready for a comprehensive cinematic music library to make an impact on your audience!

FORMAT: WAV 16-Bit / 44.1 kHz
Stereo/Mono: STEREO
Length: 106 minutes
Cues: 63+
Looped Audio: MIXED


Be inspired by these aggressive cues with ripping guitars, huge drums and synths. Suitable for main or character themes and battle music.


These thematic cues were created specifically for cinematic main themes to pull in your audience. Choirs, soloist, and orchestration with modern synths marks this library.


These futuristic exploration cues fit perfectly in the background as you character explores various regions of your planets or space. 


The name says it all! Also suitable for power-ups & level-ups or other places in game that need a quick stinger.


These cues were tailored made for menu selection screens. Very suitable for exploration background music as well.


Select cues are multifunctional for character selection, power-ups, discovery and short hits to enhance your games.


Much more atmospheric in nature, these are fantastic for space zones, but versatile enough for menu music that needs to be subtle enough to not bring to much attention to itself.


More than just drum loops. Packed inside are nice sectional loops of the war cues. These are great for epic battles, skirmishes, menu music and more.