Kingdom of Light Shadow Kingdom

The High-Fantasy Orchestral Suite

KoL – Shadow Kingdom travels into the territory of the various races from the shadow lands. This is music package that cohesively fits into the Kingdom of Light Music Libraries. For a complete all-in-one medieval/fantasy music package ranging from dungeons, taverns, epic battles, to open cinematic scenery, visit the Kingdom of Light home page!


Stereo/Mono: STEREO

Total Cues: 7

Looped Audio: MIXED

  1. SK_Orqui VO Peter Gunder 2:51
  2. SK_Kingdom_of_Light_Territory Peter Gunder 2:47
  3. SK_Goblin_Passage VO Peter Gunder 2:40
  4. SK_Ettinsmoor VO Peter Gunder 2:55
  5. SK_Conquest VO Peter Gunder 0:27
  6. SK_Conquest VO Peter Gunder 0:27
  7. SK_Conquest VO Peter Gunder 2:52