Audio Touch

The Affordable Audio Solution

AUDIO TOUCH┬álibrary supplies the audio files to enhance the user’s experience by giving audio tactile feedback expected in today’s games and applications. To make the selection process fast and easy for developers, 20 Custom ‘Styles’ are grouped to help in selecting coherent sounds quickly. Delicate, Digital Insects, Sweet Ride, Console, Flavored Dice and Next Gen are just a few of the styles you’ll find. Audio Touch also includes basic clicks of various flavors, processed clicks, game selection tones, chords, and multiple transitions. The 20 Transitions are great for screen switching, fill-in short music, power-ups, level-ups, your company logo pop-up screen or other audio cues.

FORMAT: WAV 16-Bit / 44.1 kHz
175 audio cues Designed for Game and Application UI
20 Fun and Versatile Custom Styles
20 Transitional Audio Cues
Additional Standard Clicks and Chords

  1. Audio Touch Transitions Peter Gunder 2:00
  2. Audio Touch Custom Sets Peter Gunder 3:46
  3. Audio Touch Basic Chords and Clicks Peter Gunder 0:29