Cinematic Fantasy Master Collection

  1. World of Fantasy Peter Gunder 2:06
  2. Room of Mischievous Clocks Peter Gunder 2:16
  3. Room of Mischievous Clocks Ti Peter Gunder 2:24
  4. Hidden Forest Peter Gunder 1:29
  5. Gnomes at Work Peter Gunder 1:08
  6. Fariy's Journey to a New Worl Peter Gunder 3:24
  7. Enchanted Escape Peter Gunder 1:10
  8. Children Playing at Night Peter Gunder 2:14
  9. Children Playing at Night wit Peter Gunder 2:16
  10. Adventures in Ebonwood VO Peter Gunder 2:50

Cinematic Fantasy Master Collection is a music suite of 8 high-fantasy lush cues in Hollywood movie style. Feel this cinematic music magically transports you to magical environments as you listen to these orchestrated fantasy songs. Well suited for themes, RPG’s, children’s media, MMO’s, and a variety of other settings where you want that fantastical and mystical touch at a top-notch professional level.

All tracks in .wav 16-bit/44.1kHz.